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A barbershop with all the personality in the world, without a doubt. This is Motorcycles Barbershop.The place where barbershop and hairdressing passion intermingles with rock and motorcycles. Do you want to meet the owner and soul of this place? His name is Pawel Cugier, he lives in Poland and has such an overwhelming personality as his establishment.

What led you to dedicate yourself to the world of Barbering?

As a young man, just out of school, I had no idea what to do. I studied and tried different professions, both service and commercial, from banking to retailing of various kinds. What is really funny, in one episode of my life, I even made garden gnomes. Not long, only a few days, but it is on my CV as well.

At the time I became interested in hairdressing I didn’t even know what a hair gum is. I was always bald and never used such products. My adventure in this industry started from being a trader of products mainly related to the women’s hairdressing department.

Therefore, to this day I know what colourings and what oxidants to use, what to mix with what and how to care for hair properly. This experience opened me to this industry, which over time began to develop into a passion.

After some time, I was looking for new challenges and products. During this period, the world of Barbering began to emerge in Poland, and my passion followed this direction. New styles, new range of products and new possibilities. Until today, this world inspires and amazes me.

Did you train in a school or have you been self-taught?

We need to clear up one thing: I am not a barber, but a person who, in my opinion, has created a beautiful place by combining passion for Barbering with the motorcycle world. In my Barbershop I surround myself with both great professionals who are masters of hairdressing as well as friends with whom you can explore the world on two wheels!

At this point, it would be better to write about my employees because they have different sources of knowledge and skills. Some of them graduated from school and then attended many courses as their practice involves,. have years of working experience in various barbershop salons.

I also have employees who, out of their passion for this profession, started to learn by themselves attending courses, watching videos showing the work of hairdressing masters and polishing their techniques at home for several years, practicing on friends, acquaintances and willing “random passers-by”.

So, as you can see, I try to surround myself with people who have this profession in their blood and it is their true passion.. We are also a training facility striving to develop the skills of young people who begin their career in this profession and to refine the skills of experienced hairdressers. We also try to pass to them a part of our passion.

What do you like to do when you are not in the barbershop?

As I said before, when I’m not at home I’m on the road. Just me, my HARLEY and the road.. That’s when I have time to drift away, leave everything behind, have time and space to think.

How would you define the atmosphere of your barbershop?

Professionalism, passion and an oasis. I want my clients and employees to feel what I feel and see what I see in this place. It cannot be described, you have to experience it. Let’s lose ourselves in the atmosphere of old-time classics.

What is the most demanded service by your clients?

The most popular services in my salon are:

  • “Fat Boy”: men’s haircut.
  • “HERITAGE”: beard trim / shave.
  • “SPRINGER”: combo.

What music plays in your barbershop?

I only love ROCK…I simply love this kind of music as it creates an atmosphere in which you can lose yourself !! This is the element that connects everything else!

What would you tell someone not to miss when they visit your city?

Of course not to miss my place 😊

Who is or has been your biggest influence as a barber?

Only one person, namely Adam Szulc. He is a man who, in my eyes, is an icon and a pure quintessence of the Polish Barber. We’ve known each other for quite a few years and the way he approaches this world has been, and still is, breathtaking. He is a man who lives what he does. I always look with delight at his passion, development and love for this profession.

What is your must-have HEY JOE product?

First of all, beard balms and oils are, in my opinion, the best in the world. There are no better ones on the market, or at least, I haven’t had one in my hand yet.

Hey Joe! Cosmetics can surprise you positively at any time. For example, during shaving, when you start to notice that the products are different. Kind of the same, yet different, somehow the beard looks nicer, the razor does not tear so much and the skin does not sting.

When it comes to styling, I can’t imagine a day without Hey Joe! Hair Mattifying Powder is an ideal product. Smell, touch, just everything. I have not come across such a pleasant product of this type before.

A few more words at the end of our interview. Our MOTORCYCLES BARBERSHOP showrooms, as many will se in the near future, will be a chain of salons very recognizable in Poland.. At the moment we have 2, but my dream is to introduce this style, this atmosphere, these places in almost every major city in our country.

Hey Joe! Cosmetics brand will reign in all my salons! I fell in love with these products. Carefully made recipes, natural ingredients and quality at the highest level. It is a flagship of the salon that I can give my full approval and recommendation!!

Barbershop: Motorcycles Barbershop
Owner: Pawel Cugier
Instagram: @MotorcyclesBarbershop.poznan
Location: Poznan (Polonia)
Web: motorcyclesbarbershop.booksy.com

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