Prominent barbershops: Los 3 Bigotes


If there’s something that we like in Hey Joe! those are barbershops with personality. One of them is without a doubt, Los 3 Bigotes, located in Valencia. Take adeep look at this establishment, its unique style, and its owner, Juan Luis Morillo.

What took you to become a professional barber?

A relative of mine had a hair salon in a small village in Jaén, my summer village, and I used to go there every day to watch him work. It was something I really enjoyed. Years went by, and I forgot about that, but one day as a joke I did the hair at home to one of my friends and the memories came back to me. It felt really amazing and that was everything I needed to be more and more interested in the job. I also talked about it with a barber I used to go to in my city and I offered him to be his student. He taught me and pass me all his knowledge during that time.. Since then, I’m very happy with my profession.

How old were you when you started?

From my point of view, I was a bit old when I started becauseI was 24, but the important thing was that I had my mind clear and I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Did you learn by yourself or did you take some lessons?

As I told you before, I started as an apprentice. After that, I kept watching a lot of videos and learning on my own, trying new technics.


What are your hobbies when you are not at your barbershop?

I’ve been dancing breakdance for 16 years, and it is one of my favorite things to disconnect from the world and have fun.

How would you describe the environment at your barbershop?

A gentlemanly and relaxed environment where we treat all our clients and ourselves withcare, respect, and joy.

What is your best-seller in the barbershop?

No doubt, the full service:hair cut and beard.


Let’s talk about music. What music sounds at the barbershop?

We listen to many types of music, but mainly soul and jazz. Music is really important, is the key to have the best environment.

And now tell us about your city, what is the place that visitors can’t miss?

Obviously, I’ll tell them to come and visit us (laughs). No seriously, one of the treasures of Valencia and one of the places I enjoy the most in my city is, without a doubt, L’Oceanografic and in general everything in La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

Who is or has been your biggest influence as a barber?

Salvador Chanzá(Lord Jack Knife) was the person that taught me when I started, my teacher in the job, and my mentor.

And last but not least, which is your indispensable HeyJoe product?

Ufff tough question… I have a lot but if I have to choose one right now that one would be Genuine Hair Mattifing Powder, the mattifying powder. They leave a very natural finish, good fixation, and they are really easy to use.


Barbershop: Los 3 Bigotes
Owner: Juan Luis Morillo
Location: Valencia (ESPAÑA)
Instagram: @los3bigotes

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