HEY JOE! Beard Shampoo Nº 1

16,50  (incl. VAT)

Moustaches and beards, especially around the mouth, are in continuous contact with external agents such as food, coffee, tobacco, etc. This means these areas require extra attention to cleaning.

Hey Joe! Beard Shampoo No.1 is designed to thoroughly clean these areas with special needs, while at the same time nourishing, moisturising and conditioning the skin and the beard and moustache (thanks to ingredients incuding glycerine, propylene glycol, pro-vitamin B5 and biotin).

The product contains eucalyptus extract, which has with antiseptic properties and a pleasant fragrance to enhance the feeling of cleanliness.

WARNING: This shampoo can become addictive!

Net weight: 120 ml. | 4,06 fl.oz

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Price:16,50  (incl. VAT)
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