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Treat yourself to our HEY JOE! Bearded Survival Kit Nº 3 and take care of your beard in all its facets… Pack composed of Beard Oil Nº 3 Acid Melon, Beard Shampoo Nº 3 Acid Melon and the acclaimed brush Dessata Beard Brush by HEY JOE! in special edition BLUE exclusive with this pack.

BEARD OIL Nº 3 Acid Melon: Hey Joe!’s distinguished beard oil is unique and unmistakable both for the mixture of aromas you’ll find in it and for the quality of the oils that make it up. Aromatized with our appetizing perfume of Melon with notes of Litchi. Experience all the freshness and sweetness of both fruits combined.

BEARD SHAMPOO Nº 3 Acid Melon: It is conceived to clean in depth these areas with special needs of cleanliness, without forgetting the nutrition-hydration and the conditioning both of the skin and of the beard and moustache. Enriched with melon extract.

DESSATA BEARD BRUSH SPECIAL EDITION: Our brush has an innovative design carefully studied to provide a spectacular result in the untangling and care of your beard.

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Price:44,00  (incl. VAT)
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