Premium Razor Traditional | Classic Razor

43,70  (incl. VAT)

Enjoy the classic look, feel and craftsmanship of the new HEY JOE Premium Razor “Traditional” Double Edge Razor!

Handcrafted from an exquisite combination of ivory-coloured resinand nickel-plated steel for a unique and elegant design.

Its construction offers a perfect balance between handle and shaving head, optimised for a smooth and comfortable shave on all areas of the beard.

Its closed comb system makes it an ideal and safe razor for beginners to single-blade shaving, facilitating the correct angle on every stroke.

Definitely a safe, elegant and ergonomic tool that will make wet shaving a pleasant and superior ritual.

Length: 10 cm. | Weight: 62 gr.

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Price:43,70  (incl. VAT)
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