Premium Shaving Brush HORSE

48,60  (incl. VAT)

HEY JOE! Premium Shaving Brush is a high quality, soft shaving brush. Handmade by a careful artisan process, our brush is made from natural, undyed brown horse hair.

Our horse brush has very particular properties. The horse has a very special hair, with characteristics that make it ideal for the manufacture of shaving brushes. It provides extreme softness, is a firm hair but without rigidity, which absorbs water well and takes the product well. It behaves with very adequate flexibility in the face.

Another important benefit of using horse hair to make our shaving brushes is the fact that the horse does not suffer any kind of mistreatment. The “haircut” is part of the care and hygiene of the animal.

It is designed in height, diameter and density to offer a unique shaving experience. Its ivory-coloured polished resin handle provides an anti-slip grip and its aluminium base with nickel alloy gives it an exceptional weight balance and a really elegant finish.

Treat yourself to this handy accessory and feel the difference.

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Price:48,60  (incl. VAT)
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